Thursday, July 13, 2017

Amazing Nail Clippers by Aumelo

I am so impressed by the precise cuts from these Nail Clippers!!! The clippers have a nice weight to them and are well made. These Nail Clipper will last many years, and will not fall apart if you drop them. They have a nice sharp blade to them and great spring resistance for nice clean cuts, no more jagged edges or ripped nails from clippers. These Nail Clipper are also far more appealing than your average clippers! Really gorgeous shine, slee design, and look really professional. They also come in a very impressive Travel Case. The case has loops for each set, so they are not bouncing around loose while traveling. And case snaps close very easily. The case also has a very lovely appeal to it. You can click on this link to find on amazon.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Air from Valkit

Click here to see on Amazon

This keyboard is mighty impressive!! I mean COME ON! Not only a keyboard, but a stand AND a case!!! And this wireless keyboard is really simple to pair with your iPad and the whole set up process is really quick and painless!! And check out the keyboard! It is so sleek, and thin. Not clunky or bulky! The iPad fits snuggly in the top part, then the top folds backwards in the middle to form a stand (a nice sturdy stand I might add). Then fold back down and go. And the case is silicone therefore no skidding around and no slipping out of your hands while carrying it.  It also comes with a usb cord to charge it up.
I will add that the clunky boring ones that Apple sales costs over $100 and does not convert to stand! Nor do they look and function as nice! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Bluetooth Headphones from Valkit

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This wireless headphones from Valkit sound amazing! These are bluetooth, so you can play music from your phone, and answer any calls coming in. These type of earbuds are really great while jogging or doing other exercises, they stay in place (silicone ear covers) and the cord does not get in your way. They come with a pack of extra ear covers, in case other people will use. The ear pieces have a little loop on them to make pulling out of ear easier! There is also a volume control on the back of the left one. These are lightweight and sleek. They stay powered for many hours as well. To turn on hold the phone/pause button in for a few seconds (it will flash a couple of times to let you know it is ready) the pair up with your phone.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Check out my Tupperware site

I decided to start selling Tupperware again. I can't for the life of me remember why I had stopped selling to begin with! So my kit arrived a few days ago and I'd like to share with you the contents.

All of that came out of that pink box!!
When the Fed Ex man rang my door bell, I screamed and leaped to the door! I had to drag the box over the threshold and into the Living Room! And as I opened the box, I let out a squeal and a grin from ear to ear painted my face. There was so many goodies in one box!
Let's start with the biggest item and work our way down.
I will show a couple of pix and go over some details, but will get more into each item on their own post.
Chips'N Dip Bowl

This bowl is so huge!As you can kinda tell from the right-side pic of the dip bowls attached.
The set includes two dip bowls with liquid-tight lid, both can slid onto the inside of the bowl for a quick dip. Also the chips bowl's lid has this three section divider inside for vegetables, fruits, cheese, or etc. And how about that gorgeous coloring!?!?!

Next we have one of the FridgeSmart medium containers. I can't not believe how handy these are!
No more throwing away ruined vegetables and fruits! It even has this cute picture chat so you know where to slide the vent opening too :O

The next item I want to show you is the Quick Shaker.

This is perfect for so many projects! Mixing up a protein shake, to pancake mix, to gravy, and everything in between! And that strainer piece is designed to stay right where you need it so when you're done and pop open the cap and pour it goes through the strainer first. If you don't want strained simply turn it the other way.  Has mls on one side and cups on the other.

Up next is an item I could not believe came in my kit (considering how much I paid for my kit)
The Power Chef System!

This food processor/blender/mixer is AMAZING! It has a pull cord on top so cords to get in the way (that also means you can use during black-outs and camping)!! Also everything (except storage lid) fits inside so storing is simple!

Next we have this "Consultant Only" Water Bottle

They do sale these water bottles, just not the pink ones Isn't it ridiculous how many plastic water bottles we are throwing out!?!?! I love the hour-glass shape which makes it easy to grip.

The next item is the Microwave Breakfast Maker

This is perfect for making omelets in a hurry. Also a wonderful length to steam veggies (has vents in lid) And the handles stay cool!!

I love widgets and minis and this kit came with 3 different sets :D
The Lime Green Mini Shakers

Isn't that color amazing?!?! These are actually 2 oz, so they're pretty the right size for your Dining Room. The cool thing about these, is those are liquid tight lids. So you can mix up your own dressing and carry it to the restaurant! These are suppose to be gifts for people that book a party, but we'll see about that ;)

I also received a set of the Smidget Containers 

These are real Tupperware. OMG they are adorable! These are perfect for storing homemade lotions, sprinkles and spices, seeds, and etc. I just love them so much!

And these Citrus Peelers 
The hook end scores the skin (just slide it all the way around). And this flat end peels away the skin, it's also great for wedging Grapefruit.

Another one of my favorite 'Gotta have' pieces are these scoops

These scoops will fit in a full container of sugar,flour,cornmeal,rice,etc. Stand the scoop up and push into the sugar,etc.

And here are the Measuring Cups

Look how neatly they stack into each other! All have the measurement curved in the handle in big font. And the handles are made so they are easy for little helpers and people having terrible gripping.
The same goes for the Measuring Spoons

I have 2 more items. but have misplaced the pictures.Will update soon.

Come have a look at all the goodies

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hollie and Figgs

I was recently given an incredible opportunity to interview this 'Up and Coming' Children's Book Author!!! What a true blessing it is, because this book is the sweetest Children's Book you will ever come across! It is a story based on the Author's own daughter and her cat. The story was from a time when Hollie was having difficulties and her cat Figgs helped her through her problems :)   I mean you just can not get any cuter than this (these are drawings Hollie drew that inspired the illustrator)

Here is our Q&A
 What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?---In the beginning I didn’t set out to write a story to get it published. I have been pleasantly surprised that I have been able to put together a story that is imaginative, engages the reader and leaves the reader wanting to know more about the characters and the next adventure. It was only then did I decide that the story must get published to bring the delightful characters to life.
Also my daughter’s involvement with the illustrations helped her through a difficult time in her life and they are a testament that doing something creative like this can be extremely valuable and therapeutic. Do you have any suggestions to help anyone interested in becoming an Author?--- I took an online course in writing story books for children. This was the most valuable thing I started with.
Writing from your own experience always helps and makes the story more meaningful and believable. Holly and Figgs is based on my daughter's relationship with her cat, at a time in her life when she was not well. To make it more appealing to the younger audience, I made Figgs a talking, magical cat. Get to know your audience and make sure words, presentation and illustrations are consistent and geared up for the age group you are writing for. If you are imaginative, have ideas then just have a go. You may be surprised at what you can achieve. How long did it take to create this book?--The story took me about four months to write. I had a brief idea of the story and plot, but it changed several times until I was happy with it. My daughter spent hours doing the first lot of illustrations, drawn by hand and coloured in. When we decided to get the book published I had a friend Andy Wintrip who is a professional concept artist develop the illustrations further so the book was ready for publication. I left the book to `sit` for some time. Occasionally going over it and editing it several times. This is a really good idea as it helps to get a different view, seeing it with a fresh pair of eyes so to speak. I also gave the story to several friends, like teachers, families with children, etc, to get their views on the story and also give me any advice/constructive criticism etc. In all, the book took us about a year from idea, to ready for publication. It may take more experienced authors less time. What are your personal favorite books?-- I don’t tend to read a lot of fiction now. When my children were younger I would read to them all the time. My favorites, and what has left me with good memories are the Harry Potter Series, by JK Rowling,and the classic Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll.
A book I always remember reading to my youngest daughter when she was around 5 years old was a story called ,"You can Swim Jim", by Kaye Umansky and Margaret Chamberlain. This still makes me smile today. I also have particular memories of reading "Charlotte's Webb", by E B White to my eldest daughter. These are just a few of my favorites. I love children’s magical/adventurous stories, and stories that engage the reader and stretch the imagination. There are so many great stories out there. I tend to read more nonfiction now related to health and well being, but am getting back into reading children’s books again having written one myself.
How can people contribute/support?---We have a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the publication and first 100 copies of the book. This is a worthwhile project as I plan to go into primary schools to read the story, to promote reading books and to provoke some meaningful classroom discussion. To support this project you can pledge some money to help fund the publication, by going to Hollie and Figgs on the Kickstarter website. You can use this link. Or put Hollie and Figgs into the search bar at the top and it will bring up the page. It has a video and trailer about the book and a place where you can place a pledge. Pledging means you can get some unique gifts in return, like a signed copy of the book or even a dedication in the book and other goodies. Or you can share the campaign/project on your social media and to friends and family who may be interested.

It would be lovely if everyone this post comes across could share the kickstart link on their facebook, instagram, twitter, write it on a bathroom stalls ;), and any and all social media sites you can think of! Once again here is the kickstart link 


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stainless Steal Shower Curtain Hooks by Kingdoo

Click here to view on Amazon

I have needed these in my life forever now!! Aren't you sick and tired of Shower Hooks tangling up together or at least 3 ALWAYS off the rod??? AND how do they get stuck??? Honestly?!?! 
Now we're showering with Crisco! Ok, don't do that LOL.
These hooks slide around with such ease!

Since they are stainless steal they are worry-free! Just dab some baby oil on a cotton ball and rub over the bearing and the shower rod just once a year. That's just to prevent dust and other particles from collecting and preventing smooth sailing.
These hooks shut just like a safety pins, so they are easier to put up then those old fashion plastic rings that kept popping open and causing arm pains and headaches because you had your arms above your head trying to snap them in place. Also taking plenty of flesh between your thumb and pointer finger! Right?! Let's not relive that!

Another detail to note, are these tiny 'brakes' on each side. These little stoppers prevent the balls from going any lower on the hook. These balls are whats causing the curtain to glide so freely on the rod. If the fall to the bottom then you just have a metal hook sliding and gripping as it goes along your rod, so will not go as freely. It's really a genius design!

It's the simple things in life, I tell ya!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Slate Cheese Markers by Laminas

Click here to view on Amazon

These markers are real slate, and a pretty decent thickness! They are quite appealing, because they are authentic! I found it actually easier to clean the liquid chalk off of them then the chalkboard labels. This being real slate, and a little on the heavy side-they are certainly not made for gelatin or other soft foods. These markers are in a 'comment' style which I adore. It's as if my cheeses are telling everyone what type they are :D
The set comes with 4 markers and 2 small liquid chalk pens. All nestled in a foam sheet.

Chrome Razor and Brush Stand by Magnus Brand

Click here to view on Amazon

This chrome razor and beard brush stand is absolutely gorgeous!!! The design is quite sleek, and has that old-fashion feel to it. It also hold almost every beard brush, and safety razor. And since it's chrome it has such an amazing shine! Your company will definitely notice it!
Not only would this look handsome in your bathroom, but on any Barber's station to you happen to know! It does have a felt bottom so it will not stretch up your sink or counter.

100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub by Body Scrubs

Click here to view on Amazon

THIS SCRUB SMELLS AMAZING!! This certainly will wake up in the morning, or give you that pep you were needing to get you out of your sluggish mode! The smells of coffee wakes everyone up, the smell of Arabica coffee can wake the dead ;o)
To top it off, this scrub does some pretty awesome things--
*The coffee will get you blood pumping (caffeine stimulates blood flow)
 -In which case it clears up cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins, and age spots
   -also clears up inflammation like acne, psoriasis, and eczema
   -which also means that it really does pep you up,and livens your spirits!
*Dead Sea Salt will give your skin a good scrubbing
 -Dead Sea Salt is loaded in miraculous minerals!
  -Magnesium relieves fluid retention and relieves stress
 -Calcium PREVENTS fluid retention and increases blood circulation
 -Potassium promotes the growth of healthy cells to rejuvenate your skin
 -Bromides relaxes your muscles and eases stiffness
 -Sodium promotes a healthy immune system
-Dead Sea Salt is also big granules, which is great for exfoiliating
*Coconut Oil to hydrate and moisturize your skin
 -prevents dryness ad flaky skin
 -delays wrinkles and sagging skin
 -powerful antioxidant
 -also helps treat all skin problems listed above
*Shea Butter to protect your skin and promote cell repair
 -loaded with vitamin A which clears up the skin issues listed above
 -also has vitamin E which is anit-aging and increases circulation
*Cocoa Butter to nourish your skin
 -also known for clearing up stretch marks
This scrub can be applied directly to a sponge or pouf and worked into the body. Or added to an unscented soap or more Shea or Cocoa butter to scrub into skin before wash.

Amazing Nail Clippers by Aumelo

I am so impressed by the precise cuts from these Nail Clippers!!! The clippers have a nice weight to them and are well made. These Nail Cl...